Welcome to the page dedicated
to the Ars Automation Team

Ars Automation

We are a group of professionals with diverse experiences, specifically skilled in industrial automation, software engineering, mechanical and industrial design.

With our teams dedicated to the research and development of new technologies, we aim to provide solutions to improve the production efficiency of companies worldwide.

Our vision
on Human Resources

Our corporate philosophy is based on the idea that human resources are the real engine of success. We believe that investing in human capital is essential to ensure a prosperous future for our company and the companies we collaborate with.

For this reason, we are committed to creating a stimulating, inclusive, and collaborative work environment, where young talents can grow and develop their skills in the field of flexible automation.

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Our multidisciplinary team

Our team consists of highly qualified and passionate professionals, coming from different sectors with various skills, ranging from robotics, software engineering, to mechanical and industrial design. Thanks to our research and development department and our sales and marketing team, we are continuously growing and expanding, always looking for new talents to join our team.

Training and skill development

We firmly believe in the importance of continuous training and the development of our collaborators’ skills. We offer internal training programs, refresher courses, and workshops, as well as promoting participation in industry-specific conferences and events for flexible automation and related technologies. Through these initiatives, we aim to ensure that our team is always at the forefront in their field of expertise and ready to seize new market opportunities.

An inclusive and collaborative work environment

Our company is strongly committed to promoting an inclusive and collaborative work environment.

We value diversity and believe that every individual can bring a unique and valuable contribution to our success in the field of flexible automation. We support the professional growth of our collaborators, encouraging the exchange of ideas, open communication, and cooperation among team members.

Our Human Resources team and young talents are the key to our success and the foundation of our growth in the flexible automation sector. We believe that investing in their development and their skills is essential to face the challenges.