Ars offers precision mechanical solutions for flexible assembly. ARS team provides consulting services for software applications and accessory parts development.

Thanks to its patented flexible feeder FlexiBowl®, ARS solutions can handle parts regardless of their geometry (cylindrical, complex 3D shape), Surface (smooth, sticky, tangled, etc.), Material (delicate, fragile, rubber and silicone), Weight and Dimensions (metal moulded and sheared parts). The system works without failures even with parts showing burrs or size variations, typical of aerospace industry.


Computed Tomography (CT) systems reconstruct the 3D density map of an object from a series of radiological projections taken at different angles.

MicroCT systems can reconstruct the 3D density map of an object with resolutions of microns.

Industrial Computed Tomography systems allow to perform several controls in a fast, non-destructive and precise way:

  • Reconstructed volume visualization: Not only planar reconstructions, you can get 3D reconstructions.
  • Porosity and inclusions quantitative analysis: material inclusions, bubbles and porosity can be identified and they can be counted . It’s also possible to measure defect dimensions and to set acceptance tresholds.
  • Wall thickness analysis: ARS Computed Tomography systems can identify dimensions variations where tolerances respect is required, highlighting deviations from the expected value with colors and numeric information.
  • Metrology analysis: It can be performed accurate measurement of distances, thicknesses, angles etc. ARS systems also allow reverse engineering or rapid prototipying.