The most efficient part feeding solution for your business is called FlexiBowl®

FlexiBowl® is an innovating part feeding system that has been successfully integrated in a variety of assembly machines for mascara, lipstick, spray pumps, powder compacts, and also cup&filling machines.

Marketing needs impose to all cosmetic manufacturers frequent changes of the packaging design, and therefore manufacturing processes need frequent change overs; in case of sub-contractor manufacturers, product change-overs can happen even more times in a day.

FlexiBowl® system meets perfectly these requirements, and grants product change-over almost instantaneous; at the same time, it doesn’t require any mechanical re-tooling.

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The ideal surface for delicate parts

FlexiBowl® is smart and flexible: it can handle parts very delicately, thus avoiding any scratch. It is also suitable to separate and feed difficult parts, such as metal and plastic brushes, that typically jam together.


Download FlexiBowl Surfaces Data Sheet

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Turnkey Feeding Solutions

FlexiBowl meets all critical aspects related to cosmetic packaging and can be integrated with any robot. An appropriate vision option is available to allow an easy integration with all kinematic solutions (scara, 6-axes, delta), and the best robot brands (Fanuc, Epson, ABB, Denso, Adept/Omron, Kuka and others).

Flexibowl solution allow productivity up to 90 ppm with a single robot. Our technical department is available to provide project feasibilities, and perform accurate tests with your parts, to guarantee reliable results.

X-Ray Inspection

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