The increasing use of industrial robots has deeply enhanced food packaging processes.
ARS develops robotic solutions for primary and secondary packaging. Thanks to innovative technologies, ARS systems handle lasagna, meat, crumbed products, frozen food, plastic bags or rigid and semi-rigid containers.
The ARS team of engineers is able to evaluate system performances in advance, thanks to simulation software tools that reduce risks during design and development phases.

ARS provides qualified consultancy service and technical support for robotic line commissioning.

High-performances robot with integrated vision system, multi-line robot management software and special grippers are the key charachteristics of ARS highly efficient and flexible solutions for primary and secondary packaging.
Operations previously carried out manually can nowadays be efficiently automated.
The grippers used by ARS are designed to fit the product shape; they help the robot to gently handle the product, ensuring reliable operations even at very high speed; they also meet hygienic requirements (USDA compliant) of primary packaging processes for meat, fish, cheese, crumbed products, frozen food etc.) and they are widely tested.

sistemi di presa per alimenti

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